Brighton Station Car Park, East Sussex

This regeneration project on a 24-acre site in the New England Quarter of Brighton was given planning permission for a mixed-use scheme in September 2003.

Work started on site in June 2004, and one of the first structures to be built was this two-storey car park for Network Rail. The construction of the upper deck was pre cast concrete planks supported by a steel frame - some of the planks spanned up to 14 metres with a concrete topped wearing coarse.

Ultimately this concrete topping wearing coarse had to be directly lined.

To ensure there was no water penetration from the upper deck on the parked cars below, Xypex was selected to provide a solution utilising Admix to waterproof the 150mm thick in situ concrete topping to the pre cast concrete planks. The Xypex technology has the ability to self heal hairline cracks, therefore it is more suitable for this type of installation rather than pore blocking additives.

A project specific detail for the junction with the central drainage channel was designed prior to commencement of the project, using Xypex Concentrate as both a slurry and Dry Pac.

Download the Project Sheet PDF here

Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate