Grange St Pauls Hotel, London

Xypex was the selected waterproofing system to replace the originally specified membrane. Xypex was selected not only for its proven track record of protection against water ingress but also because the systems simplicity saved time at the beginning of the program.

By utilising Xypex Admix in the concrete the contractor saved approximately three weeks and took an additional trade and process out of the program yet easily created a dry habitable environment.

Because the Xypex waterproofing system is integral there was no welding, gluing or joining of materials, which was especially important as this project had a lot of intersections that could have created issues.

The waterproofing was simply achieved simultaneously with the concrete pours, ensuring the contractor did nothing different or additional prior, during or after the pouring of concrete. No new skills had to be learnt.

The whole basement area, including the sauna and pool facilities, used in excess of 1300m3 of concrete containing Xypex Admix.

Where there were thick upstands (in excess of one metre thick) Xypex’s ability to be applied as a coating system, as well as an Admix, came into its own as these areas were poured in “plain” concrete and coated afterwards at a time to suit the program. This meant that all of the waterproofing was a Xypex solution despite it being applied in different ways to control cost and time and meant all the waterproofing could be covered under a single warranty.

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Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate