Lombardy Retail Park, Sainsburys Car Park, Hayes

This ‘out of town’ retail park redevelopment required the car parking facilities to be changed from a ground floor car park to a multi-storey. The multi-storey car park design used waterproofing methods that meant there were numerous processes. A simpler solution was sort and Xypex Admix was selected to help ‘value engineer’ the waterproofing to one single process.

Due to the unique abilities of the Xypex system the placement of the car park deck could be reduced to just 2 procedures; installing the steelwork and placing the concrete.

Xypex Admix C1000NF was used to ensure the concrete was completely waterproof over the composite deck. As Xypex places no restriction upon the contractor as to the size or aspect ratio of the pours the concrete was placed in large bays between a proprietary movement joints.

Hydroswell Sealant was placed between the concrete and the metal deck edging ensuring both the first and top decks are completely waterproof.

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Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate