North Staffordshire PFI Hospital, Stoke on Trent

Phase 1 – Oncology & Maternity Block

This large new build project was a required to achieve a Grade 3 (BS 8102:1990) environment to meet client requirements.

Xypex Admix was chosen as it was the only solution that could meet the clients’ criteria, whilst allowing the contractor to pour the concrete in sufficient quantities to meet the programme deadline and ensure cost efficiency. One area of the O+M block is a Radiology area, with a concrete thickness up to 1.5m; Because Xypex Admix, minimised thermal cracking, both the walls and slab were poured in Xypex Admix waterproof concrete. The walls were constructed using a RC liner wall (minimum 175mm thick) in front of a contiguous piled wall.

Because Xypex does not limit the concrete pour size the programme could be accelerated to reduce time on site.

Phase 2 – DTC – New Catering Block

Within the DTC, Xypex Admix, along with Xypex Concentrate at the joints, was the solution to providing a totally waterproof environment within the kitchens.

7m high walls and a 4m wide section of the slab directly underneath the wall, including a thickening to provide additional support to the retaining walls, were cast in a C40 concrete containing Xypex Admix.

Download the Project Sheet PDF here

Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate