Tagged as “the most luxurious address in London”, this prestigious project on the site of the old Bowater House is within the heart of exclusive Knightsbridge in London.

Xypex Admix was chosen by the contractors as soon as they had won this project as the complete “one stop shop” waterproofing solution on the many different areas within this structure.

Xypex Admix is the most widely used waterproofing product in the structure as it was able to speed up production processes and simplify the specified waterproofing solution.

Top down construction was decided upon due to the nature of the project, so Xypex was initially used in the podium deck to waterproof and protect the work being undertaken below.

Xypex is a permanent solution that becomes an integral part of the substrate and thus the concrete roof of each tower has Xypex as part of the waterproofing solution. Additional areas within the basements including the lift cores, the -3 level basement slab and wall areas, have all been treated with Xypex waterproofing products.

Due to the simplicity of the Xypex system it was used as an Admix within traditionally cast concrete and post tensioned concrete, whilst Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n Plug were used as a remedial solution to areas of the adjacent existing structure that required a solution to stop water flow.

The final area that Xypex was used in prior to hand over was the additional attenuation tanks that were required within the basement. The tanks were designed to BS:8110 and then made watertight with Xypex Admix.

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Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate


Xypex Patch n Plug

Patch’n Plug