Paradise Street, Liverpool

As a major part of Liverpool’s regeneration prior to it’s year as the European Capital of culture in 2008, the Paradise Street area was high priority and very much in the public eye.

Xypex was chosen by the ground work contractor over the original waterproofing specification, as Xypex allowed bigger concrete pours, whilst still achieving the BS-8102:1999 Grade 3 (totally dry habitable) & BS-8102:1999 Grade 4 (archive) levels of protection required.

Being able to place the concrete without the pour size and aspect ratio restrictions associated with traditional pore blocking waterproof admixtures, meant Xypex brought the additional value engineering benefits over the original specification of both cost and time savings

The way in which the Xypex crystallization system works means its protection lasts the life time of the concrete and because xypex is always potentially permanently active, ready to re-react should there be any water ingress in the future, its protection only ever gets stronger as more crystals grow.

This meant the client was able to receive the 75 year warranty that was specified for the project.

Over 1000m(2) of concrete placed in the slab and the walls was waterproofed using Xypex Admix.

Project specific joint details were designed for ‘pile cap to slab’ & ‘ground beam to slab’ joints, where Xypex Concentrate was used as both a Slurry coat and a Dry-pac.

Download the Project Sheet PDF here

Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate