Picktree Court, Chester Le Street

This Luxury 88 bedroom residential care home in Chester Le Street has basement kitchens, laundry areas and storage, which are all required to have a minimum Grade 3 (BS 8102:1999) level of protection. However due to the structural thickness of the walls Xypex Admix actually produced a level of protection to meet a (BS 8102:1999) Grade 4 ‘Archive’.

In addition Xypex was able to meet the clients requirement for a 25 year waterproofing warranty.

To reduce the number of joints and so lower the risk of any water ingress, the client was looking to place the1602m2 of waterproof concrete required for basement in the largest pours practical. The use of Xypex Admix reduced the number of vertical joints by half over that required by the original specified waterproofing. Being able to place the concrete in bigger pours also reduced the contractors time on site along with all the associated costs.

Xypex waterproofs the lift pits, basement slab, basement walls, the ring beam and all the joints.

Download the Project Sheet PDF here

Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate