RBS Global HQ, Gogarburn

This new multi million pound project was constructed in just three years and was designed to include all the provisions that could be expected from a small village, to allow staff to balance their working day with their personal lives.

To minimise visual impact as well as utilising the topography of the site, the construction process involved many phases being built below ground, so waterproofing with a proven track record was imperative.

Various options were looked at with regard to the waterproofing of the in situ concrete as the different areas had different requirements of grades to BS 8102:1999. Car parking was to be a Grade 2 environment with all the other areas being enhanced to Grade 3 (a totally dry environment).

Xypex was chosen for its ability to self seal cracks up to 0.4mm – thus allowing pours of any size to go ahead. Not only was Xypex Admix waterproof concrete used in the substructure and the swimming pool but some of the Xypex remedial waterproofing products were used to eliminate water ingress problems where a membrane had failed.

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Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate