Rothesay Sea Defence, Rothesay

At Rothesay on the Isle Bute, overtopping of the sea wall has become almost an annual event despite the sea front being in a sheltered location.

Southerly winds combined with a rising tide increase the flood tide and funnel water up the Firth of Clyde causing a tidal surge. This led to flooding on a 5 year cycle but, due to climate change, flooding now occurs nearly every year, meaning a solution was urgently required.

Argyll & Bute council appointed consultants to design a solution; this involved the construction of a double wall with a maximum height of 1.5m. To ensure the durability of the double stone faced wall, the in situ concrete infill utilised Xypex Admix as a waterproof system to protect the re-bar from corrosion in this harsh marine environment.

Download the Project Sheet PDF here

Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate