Tulip Hotel/Premier Inn, Doncaster

The £12m Tulip Hotel / Premier Inn, was the first new business class hotel to be built in Doncaster town centre for 40 years. The basement is designed with walls that are part sheet piles and part contiguous concrete piles.

Xypex Admix was a late specification change by the main contractor over the original waterproofing specification, as it enabled time savings to help bring the project back on programme and to reduce costs as the project was significantly over budget.

Over 2500m2 of concrete that is in the basement slab and walls is waterproofed using Xypex Admix, including the 150mm thick RC lining walls poured in front of the contiguous piles.

Because Xypex does not restrict pour size, the pour rate could be accelerated allowing time to be recovered. In addition because Xypex Admix gives simultaneous waterproofing and concrete placement, it removes the placement time associated with the installation of tanking systems, thus reducing the time required on site and subsequently lowering costs.

As part of the waterproofing responsibility, we designed project specific details for the joints between the concrete slab and steel sheet piles, the steel sheet piles to concrete capping beam and for where the steel column penetrations came through the concrete slab.

Xypex Concentrate was utilised at the concrete to concrete joints to protect the joint for the full thickness of the concrete.

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Products used

Xypex Admix


Xypex Concentrate